How to Travel Alone For The First Time?

How to travel alone for the first time

Since you have made up your mind on travelling alone, you seem to be an adventurous traveller and that’s amazing! You might be a new traveller and you definitely you will have so many thoughts and questions that pop up in your head like, where should I make my first solo trip to? And for how many days should it be? How would I be safe in a new environment? Will be alright to travel all by myself?

The first thing that you need to remember is that if you have a strong will power and determination, you can achieve anything that you want to! You do not have to be scared, be positive and keep happy thoughts all through you’re your journey and even before you set out for it. Here are a few tips that you could use if you are traveling for the first time on your own:

  • Make sure you choose a destination that would make you feel safe and also comfortable: well, since it is your first solo trip, you would have some kind of fear within you, so make sure that you go in for a place that is either close to your home or somewhere you have already been to. This will make you feel safe and comfortable and you won’t panic much on your trip. Also since it will be the first time, you need to make sure that the destination that you select, have people who can basically converse with you in the language that you are familiar with, preferably English.
  • Do a good research on the place that you plan to travel to: well this is something every traveller needs to do. Make sure you check out which are various places that are close to your hotel you can visit, where will you able to shop well? Apart from that also make sure you see that you have some sort of transportation which will be affordable and also flexible at the same time.
  • Make sure you have a plan and also a backup plan: the best advice given by travellers is that you always need to plan out your trip well and also have a backup plan in case there are some alterations that need to be one. In a way you won’t be stressing out much. Make sure that you reach your destination well before the sun goes out since you would be in a place all by yourself. Also make sure you carry your hotel’s business card and in case you have lost your way you can ask for directions.
  • Book your stay at the hotel well in advance: when you have your hotel stay already booked, you can be at an ease since you know where you would be staying. Also you need to book your airport transportation well in advance. When you book your hotel stay, make sure you ask them if they would send a driver to pick you up or if they provide with a shuttle service. Make sure you choose a good accommodation, even though this can get a bit pricy, but since it will be your first solo travel, it needs to be safe and a memorable journey.
  • Let some close friends and family know where you would be during your travel: this does seem to be a bit funny, but having someone know where you will be is something that solo travellers need to consider. It is just to ensure safety and security, keep someone you trust updated on all your happenings and travelling. Also you don’t want your family worrying about you every now and then, so just make sure you make them feel safe too.

Apart from all this there are other things that also need to be kept in mind, while you are traveling alone and that too for the first time. You sure want to make the most out of the trip, so remember to pack light. Because you can’t carry your entire wardrobe while you are travelling. Check the weather at that particular time at the place where you would be travelling to and then you can carry clothes accordingly. You wouldn’t want to wear something that might not be in favour of the weather!

Author: Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson has been traveling for over 20 years. Born in America, He has been a world traveler since young. He already visited 15 countries. His next travel destination may be Grenada, Caribbean. His favorite tour has been exploring Salina Island with his friends. He became travel lovers just after college when he went to tour around Europe with his family. Shawn completed his bachelor's of degree from the University of California and his masters of education from the University of South California. Both of the degrees are on Engineer.

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