How to Detail Your Car

You Can Make Your Car Look Brand New Again!

Your car is an item of great value to you. It carries your children, brings you comfort, and offers you a decent amount of cash when you decide to sell it. The value of your car is very dependent on the condition of the interior. Carpet stains and dust everywhere is not attractive to you or a potential buyer. If your goal is to have a car that looks like it has always been babied, there are a few steps to consider in getting you there.

You Can Make Your Car Look Brand New Again

1. Vacuum. You will need to do this first to loosen up the dirt in your carpet, mats, and to remove any hair or dander. You can purchase a small vacuum, or simply use one at a gas station. Make sure that you do a very thorough job.

2. Take the floor mats out of your car. Wet them and add a little club soda to the stains. Clean the rest of the mats with carpet cleaner, rinse, and then place them in the sun to dry.

3. While your mats are drying, you will want to tackle your windows. Spray window cleaner on them and clean all of the little fingerprints off of the windows. This will make a huge difference in the look of your car. It will also help you to see, increasing safety, more helpful hints.

4. Spot clean any stains on your seats and ceiling with stain remover and a soft old toothbrush. You can let this dry while you tackle some other issues. This is a good time to spray them with fabric refresher so that they dry smelling great!

5. Take a paint brush and clean the dust out of your air conditioner vents and around your dashboard. Clean the dash, steering wheel, and console with a little leather polish. This will give it a great sheen.

6. You will now tackle your carpets. You cannot hose off the inside like you can the mats, so you must use some care. You do not want to soak the carpet. You will want to spray a fine mist of cleaner only on the areas that need it. Club soda is also very helpful for these types of stains. If the stain is persistent, try some rubbing alcohol.

7. When your mats are finished drying, you will put them back in your car and you are done.

If you have a great deal of staining or gunk all over the seats from food and drinks, you may need to take your car to a professional. If you repeat this process every few months, you will have a brand new car for many years to come.

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