How Long Does It Take To Travel The World – Quest Or Question?

Traveling is a task that is defined as the process of liberation, by philosophers. People, in general, love to travel. A short family trip or a trip of solitude or a group excursion, the choice can be made depending on the personality. The families particularly travel towards anything that is informative in its nature, a solo traveler seeks secluded or adventurous areas whereas, in a group, people look to evade their mundane lives through a journey of fun. The traveling is often quoted as a method of ‘Soul Searching’ where humans can evaluate and assess their lives. Therefore, traveling as always been an essential part of a community or an individual.

What places does a traveler seek?

Every person has their own set of expectations from the task that they are performing but there is a common pattern seen in regular travelers and the things they are looking forward to seeking in their journey.

  • New Places – Novelty has always been a human desire, and traveling does not stay behind. Most of the people seek to travel to fresh destinations to experience the authentic culture. A place that hasn’t often been invaded by a human body continues to carry forward their own wee culture and the travelers seek to acknowledge themselves with their rules. They feel it brings them an internal bliss, a relaxation from the crowd and a chance to rekindle with their inner self.
  • International Trips – Experiencing a world beyond one’s imagination is a fascination for travelers. People seek trips to foreign alien lands as leisure trip and to come out of the regular crowd they are subjugated to, on a daily basis.
  • Historical Places – The need to know where the humans came from and the process of evaluation continues to persist in the mind. The travelers often believe in seeking places with a historical past that could let them know about the world history. They seek some subterranean places where it is hard to reach or a place of significant historical importance that educate them about the lives of the earlier century and how the time has laid the foundation for the present day society to function upon.
  • Literature and Artsy destinations – The fans of Art and Literature are often looking to capture the knowledge of the world beyond their comprehension skill. Therefore, they are interested in places that have already captured the essence of the culture through artistic vision or literary writing.
  • Mountains, Beaches or Generic Destinations – Then there are those who are not regular travelers but seek a holiday in a year or two. They are usually looking for a fancy destination that is popular and visited by a whole bunch of people. They like to make small trips with family or friends to enjoy the meager off-time they have received.

how long does it take to travel the world

All in all, traveling is a process everyone wants to acquaint themselves with. The idea to the time it would take to cover the earth is unfathomable and depending on their hunger for a quest or a plain curiosity to answer the question, a human can travel the world with whatever little desire they have in heart and their reason for seeking it.

Author: Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson has been traveling for over 20 years. Born in America, He has been a world traveler since young. He already visited 15 countries. His next travel destination may be Grenada, Caribbean. His favorite tour has been exploring Salina Island with his friends. He became travel lovers just after college when he went to tour around Europe with his family. Shawn completed his bachelor's of degree from the University of California and his masters of education from the University of South California. Both of the degrees are on Engineer.

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