How Far Do Mosquitoes Travel?

Mosquitoes can be deadly and a cause of serious concern, especially when you are travelling, hiking or camping. They have a screechy buzzing sound and their bites can be quite itchy which can ruin almost everything. The mosquitoes are also known for carrying diseases of late, which is why a lot of people have the question in mind that how far do mosquitoes travel? The answer to this can help you in saving yourself from the bites of these buzzing creatures.

Where can you find the mosquitoes?

Well to understand the travelling speed of the mosquitoes it is first important to know the places where you can find mosquitoes. The flight range of the mosquitoes doesn’t spread too far off than their breeding place. They don’t travel more than 3 miles from their home and in search of food they travel atleast one mile; but there are some exceptional species of mosquitoes that travel more or less than 3 miles like:

  • The Midwestern mosquitoes– These mosquitoes fly as far as 7 miles from their home.
  • Saltmarsh Breeders– They go as far as 40 miles if they have nothing to eat and in some situations they can also travel 100 miles.
  • The Asian tiger Mosquitoes– They fly somewhere around 300 feet.

In some cases mosquitoes don’t want to travel too far off from their breeding spot but are forced to because of the high winds.

How far do mosquitoes travel

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are tough to get rid of, as they have a number of species and their breeding rate is also quite high. Moreover weather doesn’t affect their breeding pattern; in winters they are not visible but as summer comes they become mature and start flying. You cannot get rid of mosquitoes but can control them from growing and spreading. Plants can help in keeping off the mosquitoes, and there are a number of plants that are helpful in doing this:

  • Citronella– This plant has a sweet smell and is known for repelling mosquitoes. It is quite strong and is also known as the mosquito plant. A lot of mosquito repellent’s use this plant as an ingredient. It doesn’t need to be sprayed as it is enough in its normal form.
  • Ageratum– These plants produce blue and white flowers and mosquitoes are known to be scared of these flowers. With this plant around your house or in your house you can be sure that mosquitoes would stay away.
  • Marigolds– They are pretty flowers that are annually grown are quite easy to grow. They are strong and are great mosquito repellents, which can be grown in porch or in containers. These flowers come in different colours and are quite powerful in keeping away insects.
  • Catnip– These plants have heart shaped leaves and produces white, blue and pink flowers. With the planting of the catnip plant, you can keep the mosquitoes far away from your house.
  • Horsemint plant– This plant produces purple flowers and has a lemony smell, which is great for keeping away mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can fly usually for 3 miles but some of them travel more, knowing the distance that they fly can help you in keeping your home safe. There are quite a lot of home remedies to do this but planting plants that are equivalent to mosquito repellent is the best thing to do. You can also put the juices of these plants in order to prevent the mosquito from biting. Well it is a better to test the juice on your skin in order to see if there is some reaction or not.

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