Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Remote control cars for kids are one of the most purchased toys each and every Christmas shopping season.

When I was young these cars were almost exclusively a boy’s toy but it is interesting that now girls are just as keen to have their very own rc car.

Not only are they fun to use, remote control vehicles can also be considered an educational toy as they are great for developing hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills in children as young as two.

Here is my selection of the best remote control cars for kids.

Mini Remote Control Cars

Mini Remote Control Cars

What I love about the mini rc cars is that they usually go very fast!

These cars are small in size but make up for that in speed. Because of their size they are more suitable for the 5 year and up age bracket but are responsive enough on varying surfaces to keep even a hard-to-please teenager amused.

The Kid Galaxy Hot Shot KG Racer is my favorite. I like how it runs off one 9volt battery and doesn’t need to be charged before you use it. The last thing kids want to be doing on Christmas morning is waiting an hour or two for their new toy to charge before they can play with it!

Remote Control Cars for Young Children

These remote control cars are designed for very young children and are super cute!

I just love the Chicco cars. The remote doubles as a removable hardtop and fits onto the car when not in use.

If you are concerned about your young child banging the car into walls and doors then you will like the Kid Galaxy GoGo cars. They have a soft body and are perfect as a child’s first introduction to remote control toys.

Fisher Price UmiCar

Is your young child familiar with the Nickelodeon show Umizoomi? Even if they aren’t I’m sure they will love the UmiCar. It counts to ten as it moves forward and can even find it’s way back to you with a simple button push.

Remote Control Cars for Girls

Move over boys, the girls are taking over the streets.

I think it’s great to see so many remote control cars for girls in the stores. After all, girls grow up to be drivers too so why not give them the opportunity to practise their skills just like the boys. You will get more info about remote control cars by visiting this site.

I’m a bit of a strawberry shortcake fan so I was delighted to see her with her very own RC vehicle. This set is very cute . The car’s headlights light up, and the remote has an optional setting that plays fun phrases, sounds and music. I love it!

Remote Control Stunt Car

Remote Control Stunt Car

When it comes to stunt cars you really can’t go wrong with a Tonka.

This remote control stunt car is pretty much unstoppable. It functions the same on both sides so no problem when it flips over. You can also set it to save your favorite stunts and press replay so you can do them over again.

This is an all-terrain vehicle and because it’s a Tonka you can be confident it is also super durable.

Remote Control off Road Vehicles

Boys especially love to test their remote control cars over all sorts of different obstacles so these off-road vehicles are just the ticket.

If you want the best there is then look no further than the Traxxas. This beast is super powerful and will drive over practically anything due to its high ground clearance. It even has waterproof electronics for blasting through puddles.

If the Traxxas is out of your price range, a budget alternative is the Kid Galaxy vehicles. They drive on all surfaces including sand and water. You can even let the kids loose with this in the bath! Now that’s clever!

Cars Lightening McQueen RC Car

If your kids loved the Cars movies then this Lightening McQueen car will be a huge hit. His eyes and mouth come to life and he gives you a running commentary as you operate him. In fact, this car is so interactive, you’ll think it’s alive!

Air Hogs Remote Control Cars

Air Hogs have developed a reputation for creating innovative remote control toys so I decided to include a few more of them here.

The zero gravity cars are one of their latest innovations. These cars are designed to drive on the walls, ceilings and floors or any surface that is totally smooth. The small size and special suction mode enable them to grip surfaces securely so that they can even run upside-down.

Buy a couple of zero gravity cars and let them have races against each other. These cars really are incredible and are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours!

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