Well-Equipped Mobile Office Units

Not all businesses are rooted in one place; sometimes, businesses need a reliable mobile office rv unit to travel to other sites – and that’s where Leisure Leasing Motorhome Rentals comes in.

We offer clients fully equipped portable offices that are perfect for any business that needs an onsite work space, eliminating the need for costly car rentals, hotels, flights, and restaurant bills. Portable offices offer huge storage compartments that transport large equipment and inventory without any carry-on restrictions. These RV offices are furnished with everything a business needs to perform well – including satellite dishes, air conditioning, a complete kitchen area, and a full bath area.

Common use for mobile rv office units: a portable work shelter at drilling sites, construction sites or agricultural sites. Mobile RVs offer comfortable accommodations for travel assistance even to remote areas.

Awning Out

Since 1982, Leisure Leasing Motorhome Rentals has been giving clients quality, well-functioning portable work office that allow businesses to run flawlessly, even while away from a central office. We provide our clients with professional, comfortable office spaces that allow for maximum productivity and seamless transitions to new places.

At Leisure Leasing Motorhome Rentals, we understand the needs of a business on the move, and our mobile office rentals are designed to make the hassle of running a mobile business as easy and as stress-free as possible.